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DVD Bar Code: 60023647015-0

Producer: GoodFellas Productions

Cast: Jessica Fox, Mia Isabella, Nelly

Release Date: 5-20-2010

Synopsis: Season 7 packs a punch. Three super hot T-Girls with rock-hard cocks, shooting HUGE tranny loads! It’s a tranny fan’s wet dream… literally! Mia Isabella is a new rising star in the transsexual community. Known for her many looks, all of which are drop dead gorgeous. The face of an angel, an ass to die for, and a 10” cock that will surely pose a challenge for those who dare try to handle it. She works hard in her scene to rise to the top of the competition. She bottoms in this scene which is rare for her, but she wanted to deliver something different for Top Tranny fans, and still shoots a huge load in her scene! Mia Isabella could be America’s Next Top Tranny! Las Vegas has many things to offer, but Jessica Fox has to be one of the best things in town. She is like winning a Jackpot! Her scene will set off all your bells and whistles. She takes on our photographer and shows him why she should win. Her she-cock is hard from start to finish and she rides a cock like there’s no tomorrow. This hot sweaty scene leaves her drenched with two loads… hers, and his! Jessica Fox could be America’s Next Top Tranny! There’s something about a hot chick in pigtails that sets men on fire. Well Nelly is no different, well except for that cock under her skirt. She entered the competition without her husband knowing, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to advance past the other girls. She is a bit taken back though when she seduces our cam guy and finds that his cock is much BIGGER than her husband’s. He gives her the fuck of her life, and she gives us a big Tranny cumshot. Hope her husband doesn’t notice she is walking funny… Is Nelly America’s Next Top Tranny? You Be The Judge.


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