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DVD Bar Code: 60023647016-7

Producer: GoodFellas Productions

Cast: Carmen Moore, Carrie Ann, Foxxy, Morgan Bailey

Release Date: 9-16-2010

Synopsis: Top Tranny judge Carrie Ann drops in on model Morgan Bailey when she got word that the camera guy was trying to put the moves on Morgan at the shoot. This must have sparked some jealousy, because Carrie wanted in on the seducing! Carrie had always dreamed about being with a girl, but there are two problems. One: Morgan’s pussy is actually a big fat hard cock, and two: Morgan has never fucked a woman! Carrie was shocked to find out that Morgan is a Tranny, but assured her if she slept with the boss, her chances of winning the competition would definitely improve. Carrie was so excited at the thought of being the first pussy Morgan ever fucked, she was sopping wet. Carrie knows her way around a cock and Morgan gives her a huge cock to work with! Carrie got half of her wish and Morgan may just become… America’s Next Top Tranny! Carmen Moore auditions for the first time and she knocks us dead! It was only a matter of time before the flirting turned into fucking! Christian may be the luckiest cameraman of all time. Carmen really puts the moves on him. Once again he gets the bonus plan and he is really beginning to like it. Carmen whips out a rock hard cock and Christian can’t wait to get his mouth on it. The tables get turned though, and Christian shows her that he is the boss. Carmen goes with the flow, hoping this will help her be America’s Next Top Tranny! Tranny fans around the world have a special thing for our next contestant Foxxy. She knows how to tease and please. She is one of the hottest chicks with a cock you’ll find out there. She strips for you, teases you, and then pleases herself. Thankfully she sent us the evidence, and we're passing it on to you for your stroking pleasure. Foxxy is so hot and ready for you. Vote for her… she wants to be America’s Next Top Tranny!


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