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DVD Bar Code: 60023647017-4

Producer: GoodFellas Productions

Cast: Aly Sinclair, Amy Daly, Carrie Ann, Jesse, Texas Doll

Release Date: 10-16-2010

Synopsis: Judge Carrie Ann is really upset that the photographers have been fucking all the models, so she fired them.  Now she's doing all the photography for the show herself.  Her multiple talents really get Amy Daly turned on, and before you know it they are going at it hot and heavy on the set of the photo shoot.  Judge David Hammers catches them in the act, and the only way Carrie Ann can convince him not to rat them out to the producers is to offer up Amy's mouth and ass-pussy as hush-money. TS Jesse really wants to win this season.  Thankfully, the judges are always trying to be sleazy with the girls, so those that are willing can usually score a few extra points.  Jesse agrees to go home with a judge and film a private video!  The judge is a little shocked when he finds out Jesse has a massive cock, but he never lets the camera stop rolling as she rubs out a massive load and shoots it all over herself! TS Texas Doll really wants to be a contestant this season.  She sends in her audition tape and shows the producers exactly what she has that the other girls don't have, a nice juicy cock and balls.  She shows the producers that she has what it takes to stroke her pipe and stretch her asshole.  With that kind of attitude, we're sure she'll be cast this season! Celebrity superstar judge and producer David Hammers has learned that some of the other judges have been trying to fuck the models.  He calls in contestant Aly Sinclair and convinces her to become part of his investigation. He needs her to accept the advances of the other judges, then save their sperm for evidence.  Aly is a little uncomfortable about sucking and fucking strangers - and David Hammers is a little uncomfortable that Aly has a cock - but nonetheless, he helps her get the practice she needs to be a part of his sting. You be the judge, who will be America’s Next Top Tranny?


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